The Players: "Our Team"


He's a little too confident as his intuitive side gives him insight into the more subtle aspects of gambling predictions. A creative and left brain gambler who enjoys smoking a little too much of the good stuff.


The most “humble” person you will ever meet, and a lover of all sports. His favorite team is the Los Angeles Lakers (of course) but he also watches every game that comes on TV or streaming service. He loves parlaying in the playoffs of any sport, but especially the NBA as Koops is just stuck on the idea that the league “loves” to extend every series they can.


The "Old Head" of the group. Makes his picks with info that few people have access to. Connected.


The Quiet One who is always straight to the point, loves to gamble. Has created variables to the equation when capping games that most never even consider and he is always pushing to finish the year close to a 70% win rate.


He's a very energetic and entertaining person who loves soccer. His knowledge of the sport is second only to his love for it, which he can talk about at length with you or anyone else if given half a chance! Paco is a true gambler at heart, when he is not at the Sports Book you can find him with some Dice in his hand.

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