How the Playerz at Vertical23 Get Their $$$ Down

We will not bet every game or even close to every game. When we put our hard-earned bankroll at risk we expect to win 70% of the time. Therefore, being Action Junkies is not OUR thing.

  • Follow Strict 3% BankRoll Per Play Discipline (99% of the time)*
  • Do not Abuse the same SportsBooks for every play ~ We spread our plays out
  • Understand that at the beginning of every sport season there will be “Crazy S$$T” that happens and the information is still being collected on these Spoiled A$$ Athletes
  • We use Parlays and Teasers to our advantage or at least try to... although not looking for 10 Team P’s or T’s MADNESS hoping for a Lottery Win (99% of the time... haha)

Bottom Line, there are SO MANY Touts out there promising “this & that”... the founder of this group started with a $250 Bankroll and after 5 years had grown it to over 100k betting sports alone with the above Rules to the Game.

We suggest that you... Do You and have as much fun as possible and ALWAYS remember, ALL THE INFORMATION ON THIS WEBSITE IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY 😀

If you have a gambling problem then please visit and get help NOW.

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